all workshops  available in full English instruction

《makie workshop for bigginers》

reasonable workshop with golden colored powder.

Experience traditional Golden drawing on lacquerware.

Create your own chopsticks and SAKAZUKI.

SAKAZUKI is a traditional plate-like tool to drink SAKE.

Sample gallery

■Fee and Capacity (tax included)

Chopsticks  2,000 yen

SAKAZUKI  3,000 yen

From 2 to 40 people at once

(Over 7th grade only、require 1~2 hours)

《professional KINTSUGI  private lesson》

Kintsugi is an unique Japanese way to fix broken pottery.

We offer private Kintsugi lessons for professional fix, using pure gold dust for high grade fix.

  5 sessions are required to finish a piece, requiring 3 to 5 days.

■Fee and Capacity (tax included)

Start from broken pottery (bring in or use ours, 5 lessons for 3 hours each)     60,000 yen

One day Work on pre-fixed pottery (3hours in the morning, 3 hours in the afternoon)  50,000yen 

From 1 to 4 people at once, reservations required!

(please send us pictures of the broken dish if you are bringing in.)

《Professional Maki-e Private lesson》

Using pure gold dust, learn from master craftsman.

A bowl or a Sake-plate, both highest quality.

Workshop for who look for the best.

■Fee and Capacity (tax included)

BOWL    8,000 yen

Sake-plate  10,000yen

From 1 to 6 people at once

(Over 7th grade only、require 3hours)

■Reservation Required!
Please contact us to make an appointment

email: himawarikurage@gmail.com
TEL 080-5306-6062

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